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Earn2gifts: Earn2gifts.com Login & Register – How It Works

Earn2gifts.com - On the Earn 2 gifts (Earn2gifts) platform, you PROVIDE A GIFT PACKAGE, EARN 50% WORTH MORE OF YOUR GIFT PACKAGE IN 7-21 DAYS!

Earn2Gifts.com has a mandate of making all active participants happy by earning monetary valued gift packages from other eligible members after fulfilling the requirements set on this platform as at when due. This system was built by creative minds with a vision of giving every participant an opportunity to get buffer monetary gift packages through a

Earn2Gifts.com is strictly a MEMBER-MEMBER system and maintains no Central Account.

All IP Addresses are duly logged and registered to help combat unscrupulous and fraudulent activities. We don't compromise on security of members data.
Report any Fraudster or irresponsible participant to enable us keep this platform clean and exciting for you.



REVIEW : Earn2gifts.com Login Account – Earn 2 gifts, Register

If you have been asking yourself about 'How this works', it is simple. You decide to give a cash gift to another member on this Earn2Gifts.com, you notify the system by entering the amount you wish to give as a Gift Package in your local currency through the 'Give a Gift' or 'Recommit' button.

The system registers the information and calculates your Earnings. You wait through your growth period, and then the system matches you with other members that will pay you your initial donation plus 50% more which you have earned from partaking and completing all requirements.

You recommit another Gift Package into the system and the process is repeated all over and over again for as long as you are an active member. You keep earning, that's the idea.

Whatever gift package you have entered into the system will be acknowledged by the system and it will start growing at the rate of 50% in 7-21 days while you still have your money with you. You will keep your money until you are assigned another member whom you will donate directly into their bank account.

There is no Central Payment Account that every member pays to, you are only required to pay the member assigned to you by the system which can only be found on your Dashboard.

This system believes in growth and inclusion and also becoming the best at what it does.

Successfully create a valid account with Earn2Gifts.com, log into your dashboard and update all your personal details and bank account data accordingly.

You can donate by choosing any of the PLANS available to you by clicking the "GIVE A GIFT" button on your dashboard. Your donation will get into the system auto-waiting list to be dispatched to a member who has earned gifts to claim. Your request will be dispatched automatically a s at when due.

We strongly advice all members to ONLY donate cash that there can give when matched. This is not a Get Rich Scheme, so always use spare readily available amount you can give to avoid disrupting the system.

Don't be GREEDY!
We adhere to a strong policy of building a life long system where all members will benefit at the long run so we require that our members do RE-COMMITMENT before Withdrawing, therefore members must have an active "GIVE A GIFT" request to unlock the earnings of the first trade. Inactive accounts are deleted within 24-48 hours .

Withdrawals can be done after growth period which is usually within 7-21 days. After re-commitment is confirmed, you will be able to withdraw EARNED GIFTS.

This system has been built for the end user so you can as well manage your Earn2Gifts.com account like your bank account. You should be aware that you can make withdrawal in bits as you wish.

Please confirm payment immediately after receipt of earnings, we encourage discipline across board for all members that is why you have ONLY 24 hours to confirm receipt of earnings or risk getting your account suspended.

At Earn2Gifts.com, security and safety of all members is treated with a high-level of priority. This has led to the introduction of what we call "TRANSACTION PASSWORD " which you can also treat as your PIN . This measure was introduced to combat fraud, so in the case that a fraudster has access to your account, withdrawals cannot be made without entering the correct

For security purposes, always change your
TRANSACTION PASSWORD from the default password before making withdrawals. To do this, simply send a support ticket to us from your dashboard and your default password will be sent to you.

You give a gift, you get 50% more, RE-COMMIT and earn again for as long as you want.

All Members get paid directly into their bank accounts or other means of payment provided but we strongly advice using your bank account in the country you are located.

Members all around the world can participate but are restricted to using the services provided to your country alone. We will be introducing payment gateways such as Bitcoins, Neteller, Paypal and Perfect Money to enable worldwide integration of the system.

Hard-working members who refer the program to new participants will get direct referral Bonuses, so start getting people to sign up through you, we will be unveiling the exclusive referral bonus soon.

moniboxoffice: Register on www.moniboxoffice.com!, Sure peer to peer Donation Platform

www.moniboxoffice.com - Moni box Office is a peer to peer donation where you donate ₦20,000 to another participant and receive ₦40,000 in return within 3 to 7 working days.


moniboxoffice: Register on www.moniboxoffice.com!
sign up and login. Click on provide help and wait to get matched. When you're matched you will be given 24hrs to make payment. After you make payment, upload a screenshot or picture of proof of payment and call the other participant to confirm you. When you're confirmed you will be automatically matched to receive two donations of ₦20,000 each from two participants .
You do not need to bring someone to get paid. Matching is automatic

Monibox has introduced a referral link to the community to enable active participants earn extra income

Only active registered members who have participated at least once in the community is eligible to invite users through the referral link. The referral bonus was created to reward active members of the community by creating an incentive to reward hard work.

The referrer will be entitled to a one time 10% bonus of N2,000 for each active referral who is introduced to the system using the referral link. The N2,000 referral bonus is activated when the referral has successfully participated in the community

Activated referral bonuses are automatically withdrawn only when the accumulated amount is 20,000 naira

1. Do not upload a fake proof of payment, you will be blocked.
2. Do not request to PH if you do not have the money at hand. If you fail to PH you will be blocked
3. Upload testimonials at least 12hrs after receipt of funds
4. Do not try to defraud a fellow participant, you will be blocked
5. Do not create useless and pointless support tickets

Morewealth: Register on www.morewealth.org! and make +200% Returns within a short time

Morewealth.org - Register on Morewealth and make +200% Returns within a short time.


Peer to Peer
Our system is a peer to peer system, you pay directly to a member in the system, This favilitates quicky payments.

+200% Returns within a short time
With our system, you get +200% returns on all your investment, this is guarranteed.

Extensive support services
We will be here to support you, to hear your complaints and to solve your issues.

Fast Payment
Get paid in just few hours after matching. We ensure your investment yield profit as fast as possible, so we give participants just 1 HOUR to make payment. This is to make sue that you do not wait forever to get paid.

How it works
All donations are made directly to member bank account.
After you have successfully signed up, it is required of you to activate and donate the sum of either N10,000 N20,000 N50,000 N100,000 and 200,000 to a fellow member assigned by the system.
You are given a short time to make the required payment, call the person to confirm your payment.
The member will then confirm your donation and then the system will automatically assign 2 other registered people to pay directly into your bank account each,they will pay you your joining amount each.


Ratio: 2:1
Cost: ₦ 10,000
Gain: ₦ 20,000
Auto Assign
max-wait: 0-5days
Auto purge
Purge button
Purchase Plan


Ratio: 2:1
Cost: ₦ 20,000
Gain: ₦ 40,000
Auto Assign
max-wait: 0-5days
Auto purge
Purge button
Purchase Plan


Ratio: 2:1
Cost: ₦ 50,000
Gain: ₦ 100,000
Auto Assign
max-wait: 0-5days
Auto purge
Purge button
Purchase Plan


Ratio: 2:1
Cost: ₦ 100,000
Gain: ₦ 200,000
Auto Assign
max-wait: 0-5days
Auto purge
Purge button
Purchase Plan

Our primary goal is to ensure your investment yield great income over a short period of time, we are dedicated to serving you in a great way. Chose a plan to get started

Now it's your time to be in front of the global wave. Take Acton and get on board the morewealthPay phenomenon

www.Cashtwix.com - Cash twix Register & Login Account

Cashtwix.com - This thread is all about how you can start earning from home online with  Cash twix

www.cashtwix.com  Review
 www.cashtwix.com  Review


How cashtwix.com Works

Donate to a fellow Twixer
After confirmation by your matched Twixer, the system automatically matches you with two other Twixers to receive donations from.

WARNING!: Multiple accounts can be created, but ENSURE that you are ready to pay all IMMEDIATELY! because you are queued for receiving donations ONLY after your payment has been confirmed.

Cashtwix! is robust enough to handle heavy traffic as we are being hosted on a cloud based server.

Cashtwix! is not an investment platform. Partcipate ONLY with your spare money!
Spread the word!..keep the money!! Cashtwix!

Packages Available on cashtwix.com

₦ 15000
2:1 Matrix
Auto Assign
Referral Bonus
₦ 30000

₦ 25000
2:1 Matrix
Auto Assign
Referral Bonus
₦ 50000

₦ 50000
2:1 Matrix
Auto Assign
Referral Bonus
₦ 100000

₦ 100000
2:1 Matrix
Auto Assign
Referral Bonus
₦ 200000

Surebanker.co Login – Sure banker, Register

surebanker.co Register, surebanker.co login:
GET HELP! It’s Simple and Safe Small or Big, Surebanker helps you raise money quickly from very little voluntary donations, for any cause.

surebanker.co Review

Firstly you need to Register/Login on surebanker.co
Register on surebanker.co

Login on surebanker.co

How surebanker.co Works

Simple and Fast Earning
On Surebanker, like-minded members assist each other to raise capital or meet other financial goals.

Membership is free. You can create a Surebanker account in minutes. It’s just that easy.

NO referrals
Sign up and provide help. Get matched automatically under 72 hours.

Surebanker has only 4 plans and helps members to start small and earn big.

Compensation plan
With 4 Donation Plans and payments of ₦1500, ₦3000, ₦12500 and ₦37500, meeting any financial goal has never been this easy. Here is how it works.
BRONZE PLAN (Receive ₦4,500)
Sign up on Surebanker, Click to Donate ₦1,500 and a member will be matched to you. Once your donation is confirmed by the funded member, you are admitted into Bronze Plan where you will be matched with 3 members who will donate ₦1,500 each to you within 24 hours after being matched. You will receive ₦4,500 in total.

SILVER PLAN (Receive ₦27,000)
When you have received Bronze Donations, Click to Donate ₦3,000 and a member will be matched to you. Once your donation is confirmed by the funded member, you are admitted into Silver Plan where you will be matched with 9 members who will donate ₦3,000 each to you. You will receive ₦27,000 in total.

GOLD PLAN (Receive ₦250,000)
Click to Donate ₦12,500 and a member will be matched to you. Once your donation is confirmed by the funded member, you are admitted into Gold Plan where you will be matched with 20 members who will donate ₦12,500 each to you. You will receive ₦250,000 in total.

DIAMOND PLAN (Receive ₦1,500,000)
Click to Donate ₦37,500 and a member will be matched to you. Once your donation is confirmed by the funded member, you are admitted into Diamond Plan where you will be matched with 40 members who will donate ₦37,500 each to you. You will receive ₦1,500,000 in total.

What can you do with 1.5 Million Naira?
Raising capital for your business, funding your dream or meeting any financial goal is not necessarily hard. It just takes guts and an opportunity. If you have the guts, we offer you the opportunity. Join Our Team of Voluntary Donors Today!

Sign Up. Receive Help.
Surebanker is helping people raise money quickly from very little, for any cause. Ready to meet your financial goal?

www.mcnaija.org - millionairesclubng Register & Login Account

www.mcnaija.org - millionaire sclubng Helps you GET 100% RETURN ON YOUR INVESTMENT WITHIN 48 HOURS, Make your dreams come through. Join the club today and start earning!

Mcnaija.org Review

Firstly you need to Register/Login on mcnaija.org
Register on mcnaija.org


How mcnaija.org Works


Pledge First
You must make a pledge before you can receive your donation.

Be Available
Participants must have active phone numbers and 24/7 mobile banking

Everyone here must be 18 years and above and mentally fit. You fully understand the risks involved. Please, make donations with your spare money only.

The admins or any member here is not liable for your money. There is no money back guarantee terms but if we work in honesty, we will all be happy.

Pledge ₦20000, ₦40000, ₦60000, ₦80000 & ₦100000 and get 100%

Packages Available on mcnaija.org